Tuesday, 3 January 2012

And Then Some More...

We did warn that there would be more reviews! Just a quick couple of reviews of products that I (Faye) have bought recently.  First is Rimmel ScandelEyes:

It made my lashes look much thicker from the base to the tips, and without making them look spidery.  It has a good volumising effect, although it is harder to use on my bottom lashes so I've been using a different mascara on them.  Overall, it is good value for money and I would buy it again. 

And then there is this set of Simple products I bought: Cleanser, Toner and Moisturiser.  

It is hard to remember to cleanse, tone and moisturise every day and in that order, but after using these only a few times I have already noticed how much smoother and refreshed-looking my skin is.  Considering you are putting three different products on your face, it doesn't feel like too much or like you are making your skin oily - the lotions are very light and ideal for all skin types.    Simple is a good all-round brand as it is good for sensitive skin and isn't too rich, and is also very good value.  I will definitely be sticking with these products and after noticing good results so soon after buying, I will remember to use all three every day ! 


  1. The scandal eyes sounds really good.. I can't stand spidery lashes!!

  2. neither can we! Thanks for the comment :)