Friday, 6 January 2012

Friday I'm in Love

Top:Dorothy Perkins
Fur Stole:H&M

Hi, just Sarah again! Thought I would try a new improved ootd layout, as our first was small and we had issues with the background! We are slowly getting used to this blogging stuff, so apologies for the random and pretty plain layout but hopefully this will change as we learn.  As for the outfit, the top I am wearing is from the Dorothy Perkins sale and is actually one of the only things I have found in the sales this year.  I've been shopping a few times now since Christmas, and have not been impressed at all; as someone who practically lives in these shops I saw hardly anything in the sales that was on display any time before Christmas.  I tried looking through the endless rails but in the end I gave up and went back to the full price clothes.  One of the exceptions though was Topshop, whose sale I was really enjoying until I found the fur-collared coat I bought a couple of months ago is now around half the price ):  My fault for being impatient I guess!  I've wanted a fur stole for ages, as fur is my guilty pleasure and whatever the item of clothing, if it's fur then I'll like it (faux fur-could never afford the real thing and wouldn't buy it if I could!).  This stole is from H&M, not a sale item but at something like £12.99 then it doesn't need to be.  To make it work with this outfit I removed the hood from the coat so that it laid flat and didn't create a lumpy effect.   Faye's outfit & more to come at the weekend!

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  1. I love this look... really liking that coat and fur stole! Looks really chic in a sort of hipster way. Also, your so pretty, you kind of remind me of Emma Stone!

    Love & Cake,